Brain Training For Dogs Review

Brain Training For Dogs Review Build a Genius Dog By Adrienne Farricelli

Brain Training for Dogs is an  at-home dog training program  that was developed by a professional trainer, Adrienne Farricelli, from the methods that she uses in her own business. Already featured in USA Today and other major publications, trainer Farricelli focuses on how intelligent the brain of a dog is, engaging them with in-depth techniques that use no force.

What is Brain Training for Dogs?

When it comes to owning a dog, proper training is an absolute must for anybody who wants to have an obedient pet. Dogs are incredibly smart, and the industry is filled with numerous training programs that seem never to find the actual reason for the dog’s behavior. Even though there are many effective plans available, most of these programs miss the mark when it comes to utilizing the mental capacity of a dog. Most species require mental stimulation to engage them, and the techniques that these programs use only provide a bandage for a problem that requires much more.

Other programs simply do not deal with the root cause of bad behavior, and they use outdated methods that have already been proven not to be safe or effective.  CPDT-KA Certified dog trainer Adrienne Farricelli  believes that every dog has a “hidden intelligence,” and that the use of the right techniques can bring out the best features of a pup. She believes that activating this intelligence is the key to illuminating the behaviors that most pet owners want to cease. No matter how old a dog may be or how bad the actions may have progressed to, Adrienne’s Brain Training for Dogs program aims to fix it.

The program has been in the works for a decade, but this trainer believes that every single technique she lists is capable of creating the well-behaved pet that users want to have. Dogs that don’t typically listen to their owners, bark constantly, show aggression and constantly chew on what they shouldn’t aren’t just bad pets. If anything, Adrienne suggests that they are under stimulated, which means that nothing that these so-called tried and true programs will work.

Brain Training for Dogs  uses mental stimulation and other types of training to engage the dog’s brain to make it easier for them to understand commands and to follow them. The trainer helps dogs to improve intelligence and to improve behaviors by replacing bad habits, much in the same way that children are mentally stimulated. This program is more play-based than other programs, which often use either aggressive or domineering methods to establish the owner as of the Alpha.

Trainer Adrienne isn’t just another dog lover (though she is the owner of two rottweilers). The work that she’s done within this industry has earned her places in USA Today, Every Dog magazine, and more. She’s personally trained service animals for veterans, and she has run her successful boarding and training company that uses no cages at all. With her experience and her professional techniques, owners can teach their dogs self-control, obedience, and other good behaviors in the comfort of their own home.

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Mentally Challenge Your Dog

The games are divided into various levels using a school setup – for example you start at Pre-School then move up to Elementary, then High School and so on so forth, until they reach Graduation and finally the Einstein level!

There are challenges at the end of each section where your dog can earn a grade from A to F. All dogs can earn an A grade, but some may need a little more time than others.

The idea is to gradually increase your dog’s mental aptitude and build their confidence.

The great thing is, the e-book does not assume that your dog already has basic training. It starts with some simple obedience training such as Sit and Down and there is a choice of techniques described such as clicker training or verbal markers.

So, if you are new to dog training - no problem, just start with the Obedience 101 section, otherwise you can skip this and head straight for school!

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The Dog Brain Training Games

Each level or grade is comprised of three brain games, so in total there are 21 games.

In Preschool, your dog will learn how to touch a chosen target with their nose and paws and learn how to focus on you by making eye contact.

By the time you have completed the Einstein level, your dog will have learnt how to play the piano and even know how to tidy the house!

Each game has a step by step guide with picture examples, as well as a video guide that shows Adrienne and her dog completing the challenge.

If your dog is having trouble learning any of the tricks, there is a troubleshooting section for each game that advises how to simplify the process.

So even if your dog is prone to losing interest quickly, the criteria can be lowered so that they can don’t get frustrated. Once they start to get the idea, the difficulty can be increased to teach them an advanced version of the game.

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When your dog has mastered the trick, it’s time for the exam.

Each exam is basically a challenge where your dog is required to perform the trick that they have just learned. The grade that they earn depends on factors such as how many seconds it took them to complete the challenge.

All you need to get started are some treats & toys to reward your dog and an optional clicker.

Some games require other tools, but you can use alternatives that you will most likely already have around the house, such as Post-it notes or muffin tins. For the piano game, you will require a battery-operated keyboard/piano.

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7 Trick Training Videos

Just as the name suggests, this package comprises videos which, on top of being funny, are key in your dog training syllabus. Here, you will learn about how to train your dogs to do the following;   

  • Taking a bow
  • Covering eyes
  • Shaking hands
  • Playing dead
  • Rolling over
  • Dancing
  • Howling

How do I mentally stimulate my dog?

  • Play with interactive games or toys with your dog
  • Run errands with your dog
  • Introduce your dog to new faces
  • Give your dog a job to do
  • Is it too late in training a dog?
It’s never too late in training a dog. Whether you are bringing home an older dog from a shelter (or rescue), or you’d like to work with your own older dog, there’s no reason to delay doing some training with an older dog. … Older dogs may already know some commands. They have a much longer attention span than puppies.


we have found this book to be invaluable as both a training tool and a new way to have fun with my dog. It is a fantastic way to strengthening the bond between you and your pooch, as well as keeping them sharp. Most of all, the way the book is written makes it good fun and extremely rewarding.

Brain Training for Dogs  changes the way pet owners train their animals. It works for dogs of all ages, and it focuses on teaching them through games, rather than using food, treats, or more stern methods. Throughout this process, the owner follows the games provided in the modules as their dog learns from them. It is incredibly cost-efficient, and users can mentally simulate their dogs to beat boredom and completely eradicate the behaviors that cause the most trouble.